Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth. 

George Washington

Help The Mental Militia Make This Documentary

We can use your help. In preparing to launch The Mental Militia national website we are doing several projects. One of those is the making of a documentary film about Montana’s “Natural Man”.  We have a good crew and a staff, and we’re making the film now. Here is our first trailer for the full-length movie.  We’ve found the closest thing you’ll see this year for a “Voice from the Wilderness“. Check it out!

They call me Elias Alias. I am one of the original founders of The Mental Militia online discussion group, which I first put up online as a Yahoo Club in December, 1999.  The Mental Militia has been online in one form or another ever since. Along the way The Mental Militia hosted The Claire Files for  Claire Wolfe and her associate, and it was during that time period that I met Claire Wolfe and somehow earned a spot on the dedications page in her book, The Freedom Outlaw’s Handbook.

That book was published in 2007. Seven years later in 2014, some nice folks who purported to be with the History Channel spent a few days on the hill where I live in a square log cabin, and filmed “ernie; ter telgte” and myself. The video below is one of seven segments filmed that day in October, 2014, near Eureka, Montana. I hope my image in the viewer’s perception is that of an old Freedom Outlaw who lives in Montana’s northwest mountains — the very sort of freedom-loving American who can’t help but be a pain for state-power-worshiping government folks.

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